I like kids.  I have five of them.  I like to take kids fishing.  I think it makes a huge and positive difference to a child's life if he or she is allowed to participate with adults in an activity such as fishing. 

I love to teach kids how to fish.  I have worked with a local summer camp and have spent years teaching kids how to fish.  There is nothing, absolutely nothing, as gratifying as seeing the expression on a kid's face when he or she realizes that there is a fish on the other end of the line.  Your kids are welcome on my boat but there are a couple of limitations both for safety and for enjoyment.

1.  Children under twelve will wear life preservers at all times while on the boat even if they are good swimmers.  They can take them off during lunch.  I have comfortable type three pfd's for all size kids (don't forget that I have five of them.)  This is a good safety procedure and it is state law.

2.  Children under the age of six to twelve have more fun on a half day trip.  They just cannot take a full eight hours in a small boat and they get bored.  Once bored it is difficult to get them to come on a second trip.  I keep a close eye on kids and may suggest that we either come in early or maybe even stay longer if they are still having fun.  My objective with kids is to make sure that they are still having a good time.   

3.  Kids may think they like fishing but really, what they like is catching.  I will go where you want to go but have several trips where the fishing involves less technical expertise and results in more "catching."  Kids like catching.  Did I already mention that?

4.  I can take two kids on the boat with an parent.  It works better if the accompanying adult is a proficient fisherman.  I can handle helping two clients (kids) but three gets to be a bit much.  Also, I want to make sure that the kids see their parent's success as well.  It helps them keep focused.

Take a kid fishing and maybe you will change their life forever.  On graduating from high school, one of my boys, when asked what he wanted as a graduation present, answered "I want go fishing in Brazil with you."  What more can a parent ask for?