Additional Information

What to bring

There is a well known local expression that if you don't like the weather "just wait a couple of minutes and it will change."  There is some truth to this and it is always a good idea to bring proper clothes, even on a hot day in July.  Always bring rain gear with you too.  You never know when it is going to shower and there is nothing worse than a twenty degree drop in temperature and wet clothes. 

Fishing gear is great to bring if you have your favorite stuff.  If you are a fly fisherman, it is better to use your own equipment including your own flies (popping bugs and white streamers work very well.)  If you are a spin fisherman you can bring your own stuff or you can use mine.  I have good gear and provide all terminal tackle, hooks, and baits.

Water, food, and snacks are provided.  Let me know and I will make sure that your favorite soft drinks are on board.

Sunscreen is needed, even if it is cloudy.  See paragraph one for the reason.  Ditto for sunglasses and a good hat.

Anyone twelve years of age or older needs a fishing license.  Licenses can be had at several local hardware stores, any town office, and at any Wal-Mart.  You can also get a license online at but you will need a printer to print out the paper copy of the license.  I am required to check to make sure that you have the appropriate license before we start our trip.

What not to bring

Alcohol is not provided and not recommended for this sort of fishing.  When on the rivers things get pretty fast and furious at times.  Alcohol is not really compatible with this and I reserve the right, for safety's sake, to either limit it or end a trip early if there is any safety concerns.  Drugs and firearms are just not allowed: Cameras are. 

What I need to know

As your guide I will be responsible for your health and safety for the time that we are together.  I need to know if you have any special dietary requirements before we start the trip.  If you have any medical conditions that might be a problem, I need to know beforehand.  If you have any medications that you are taking, please inform me and make sure that you have the proper dosage with you.  I'm trained in first aid and can take care of a lot, but I am not a doctor.  

What you need to know

I am a Registered Maine Guide and proud of it.  I obey all hunting and fishing laws and am required by the State of Maine to ensure that my clients do the same. Valid fishing licenses are required.  I practice catch and release fishing and fish primarily with artificial baits (hard and plastic) using barbless hooks.  Smallies are much more valuable as a sport fish than they are as table food.  I treat them with as much respect as I can.  They are my friends.  I am not weird.